The blending and preparation of spices is a centuries-old craft and forms the basis of Indian cuisine.

At Bengal Tiger, our dishes are an artful blending of a myriad of fresh herbs and spices. Balance and subtlety of flavor are achieved by using only the freshest, all-natural ingredients.

All of our meats are carefully hand-trimmed to their leanest state, and every dish is prepared from scratch to your specifications. If there is anything that you cannot find on this menu, please ask your server.

Our goal is to provide you a most unique and personally satisfying experience.


"Chef Uddin is a certified genius when it comes to cooking exotic East Indian dishes." - John Hinterberger, Tempo and Pacific Magazine

Rated #1 for best Samosas
Julie Jindal of Seattle Weekly 1998 and also by the Puget Sound Business Journal 1999.

“Give Chef Uddin a A+++ Rating.” “He adds something extra special to every Indian Dish.” -Penny Rawson, Journal American

“Oh Yeah Baby.” - Matt Rosenberg – Seattle Times 1/27/2000

People’s Picks 2005 FINALIST FOR BEST INDIAN RESTUARANT - Seattle Time

People’s Picks 2006 BEST INDIAN RESTUARANT - Seattle Times

Reviews from Los Angeles Times:

  • The Los Angeles Times – Top 20
  • The Eastside Weeks – Jim Goldsmith
  • Los Angeles TimesValley Edition, Max Jacobson
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